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Academic Perspective 19.11.2020

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Academic Perspectives AKI CRRT 2020

Academic Perspectives. Webinar of Live Support Alive

Academic Perspectives. Europe COVID-19 23.06.20

Academic Perspectives. Russian Symposium 30.07.20

Academic Perspective. Hemoadsorption – A Novel Organ Support Therapy for Critical Diseases 17.09.2020

Academic Perspective. Hemoperfusion for COVID-19 patients with AKI and or respiratory failure  Experience from Europe

Clinical Cases Collection from Jafron Biomedical Co., Ltd, Zhuhai, China

Clinical Reference for Adsorption therapy from Prof. Ronco

Cytokine adsorption devices for treating respiratory failure in people with COVID-19

Discussion and Q&A  19.11.2020

Experience of coronavirus from China

FAQ for hemoperfusion application and operation in COVID-19pandemic fighting

International Expert Opinions and Experience from China

Jafron Oversea Clinical Cases Collection-2020

Jafron HA330 HA380 Hemoperfusion Cartridge for COVID-19 Cytokine Storm Management

Jafron HA330 HA380 Hemoperfusion Cartridge for COVID-19 with Acute Kidney Injure

Laboratory testing for coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) in suspected human cases. WHO

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Novel Coronavirus Infection with Liver Failure

User’s reference for HA330/HA380

Q&A of Internal Webinar 25.06.2020

Научные публикации

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CREAT 2021 (Part I)

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Selected Abstracts from the 38th Vicenza Course on AKI & CRRT

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