Все внимание к COVID-19! Картриджи Jafron HA330/380 становятся мощным оружием для лечения коронавирусной инфекции

Recently, seven nurses from the Hemodialysis Center of the Eastern Center of Wuhan University People’s Hospital formed a «blood purification team» to effectively remove toxins and inflammatory mediators in patients with severe pneumonia by using CVVH combined with Jafron HA hemoperfusion and other blood purification technology, and strive to improve the cure rate of patients with severe coronavirus pneumonia and reduce mortality.

The «cytokine storm» in patients with new coronavirus is an important cause of death in critically ill patients. According to the Sixth Edition of Diagnosis and Treatment Scheme for Novel Coronavirus Pneumonia, the use of plasma exchange, hemoperfusion, blood/plasma filtration and other extracorporeal blood purification techniques can be considered for critically ill patients with high inflammatory response.

In early February, after the Eastern Center of Wuhan University People’s Hospital was identified as the designated hospital to treat severe cases of coronavirus in Wuhan, the Department of Nephrology quickly set up the «Blood purification team» of seven for CRRT (Continuous Renal Replacement Therapy) in the Eastern Center, initiated the «epidemic» mode to fight the critical coronavirus pneumonia.  “Blood purification team» actively assisted more than 20 wards to carry out treatment work. They innovatively used a variety of blood purification technology treatment methods such as CRRT + HP. Their treatments are obviously effective.

Clinical observation of CVVH combined with hemoperfusion with Jafron HA cartridge in the treatment of coronavirus pneumonia.

A critically ill patient with neonatal coronavirus pneumonia in ward 3 of the Eastern Hospital was treated with CVVH and hemoperfusion. After 8 hours of treatment, the level of IL-6 decreased from 923.6 PG/ml to 8.93 PG/ml.

By February 22, the «Blood Purification Team» had completed 109 bedside blood purification treatments, with a total treatment time of 936 hours. During the treatment period, the members of the «Blood Purification Team» have been sticking to the ward and around the patients, even with the sweat soaked clothes, goggles full of fog, deep marks print on their faces, and sometimes breathing difficulties or even vomiting due to brain hypoxia. However, since the beginning of the coronavirus war, none of the seven «blood purification team» has withdrawn from the battle.

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